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Owner & Creator of smooth as butter weddings -

Planner | Officiant | Video Editor | Wedding Enthusiast


After owning a clothing boutique in my early 20's I wrote down the next career adventure I wanted to explore and the words 'flight attendant' and 'wedding planner' flew off the pen. I think secretly those roles stuck out in my mind because I've always been Fan of helping people, dressing on theme, 90s rom-coms, and the power of hospitality.  

When the fear of heights ruled the first option out, I promptly Swan dived into the event industry in 2013I fell in love with the hustle and bustle of Working in roles such as venue director, bridal stylist, and catering manager. Thus my brain & heart concluded, being a part of special days for special people was my calling and I've been enthusiastically answering it ever since!


Smooth as Butter was created as a fun solution to the often "stiff" side of the wedding world. Because I believe whole heartedly in Celebrating and advocating for the good time havers - There is always magic to be found in good manners and champagne!


S.A.B. is located in the heart of the south - Atlanta, Georgia. Where we have been so fortunate to train under and work with various landmarks and hidden gems throughout this beautiful city. And though we are based in ATL, We pride ourselves on working with a mix of styles, locations, shapes & sizes because events are not a one size fits all thing, your day = your way!


with the support of an amazing team of coordinators & collaborators - we look forward to many more years of assisting clients in their special plans and helping their event achieve "smooth as butter on a hot roll" status. 

personal Faves |  Movie Theaters / Dance Floors / Cocktail Hour / 

Dipping Sauces / phone chats / big bracelets / vintage glassware /

vibrant colors / catching more flies with honey than vinegar

Future Goals | see all the pretty things / create all the pretty things / plan a wedding in Vegas and caption the picture on IG with a "that's what you get for waking up in Vegas" lyric / read all the books I've bought but never made it to / open a wedding venue / travel further / dream bolder / organize my records aphabetically

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